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MarriagePrep101 Certification

Here Comes the Guide
Marriage Prep 101 is Certified by Here Comes the Guide.

Since 1990, “Here Comes The Guide” has truly been the California bride and groom’s best friend, providing an easy and intelligent way to find top-notch wedding locations, services and professionals. To be certified by “Here Comes the Guide” means they have spoken to over 30 highly satisfied references! Marriage Prep 101 is pleased to be certified by “Here Comes the Guide” year after year.

pelogo Certification
Prepare/Enrich Counselors
Both Patrick and Michelle are Certified Prepare/Enrich Counselors.

Prepare-Enrich is another couples relationship inventory that will identify your strengths and challenges areas , and illuminate information about your attitudes, beliefs and skills in marital and pre-marital relationships. Prepare/Enrich is for pre-marital couples while Enrich is for married couples. You can take the inventory online or with a certified counselor, such as Michelle or Patrick.

Marriage Prep 101 is not affiliated with PREP or PREP Educational Products.